Legalizing Online Gambling in Romania

Further to the European Commission’s recommendations and following several attempts to enforce such legislation, the Romanian Government has recently adopted new legal framework, aimed to regulate online gambling.[1]

For the purposes of liberalizing the local market, the changes envisage that any operator based on the territory of the EU/the EEA/the Swiss Confederation shall be entitled to apply for a license and to offer gambling services to Romanian players.

The new legislation sets forth a legal definition for online gambling and differentiates certain online gambling activities.

It also enlists the licensing requirements that each and every operator should meet in order to be able to organize gambling games on the territory of the Republic of Romania; the applicable license fees, as well as the specific requirements for the operator’s information system and gaming software.

The newly adopted taxation model provides that different taxes shall apply subject to the revenues’ amount. Thus, all revenues from gambling activities shall be levied with 1% tax; if revenues exceed €15 000 – 16% tax shall apply; for revenues exceeding €100 000 – the tax would be 25%.

The following rules and obligations are introduced as well:

    • licensed operators should report monthly revenues to the local regulatory authority and establish guarantee fund for the players ‘deposits;
    • operators with outstanding tax liabilities will be blacklisted

Further information on the latest Romanian regulatory changes is available upon request.

[1]Emergency Ordinance No. 92/2014, promulgated in the Romanian Official Gazette No. 957/30 December, 2014