New Draft Ordinance for the Central Public Procurement Body Activities

On 07 October 2015 the Council of Ministers launched for public consultations new rules for the regulation of the Central Public Procurement Body activities (CPPB).

The deadline for the public consultations is 21 October 2015.

Along with the standard bids that should be assigned via the CPPB, new ones are introduced as well, namely bids, having subject postal and courier services, licensed software, computers and peripheral devices.

The draft ordinance extends the scope of the contractors that should assign public procurement procedures by using the CPPB system and services – besides the central executive authorities (the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister, the Deputy-prime minister, all ministers), these should be the contractors, enlisted in two appendixes, inseparable part of the ordinance, such as agencies, commissions, etc.

The assignment will be optional for the independent regulatory bodies such as the Competition Protection Commission, the Communications Regulation Commission, the Council for Electronic Media and mandatory for all central executive authorities.

The latter shall register within the Specialized Electronic Assignment Registry by 31 March 2016, while the other contracting authorities should register within the following two years as well.