Court of Justice of the EU declares German truck tolls excessive

WIth Judgement in case C-321/2019 on 28.10.2020, the CJEU found that the methodology used to set the amount of Toll fees for the use of motorways in Germany is contrary to the EU law, in particular – Directive on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of certain infrastructures. Thus, about 5% of all Toll fees collected so far by hauliers are initially unduly paid. This entitles all carriers, including Bulgarian ones, operating on the German market, to claim a refund of all overpaid Toll fees as of 2017. It should be kept in mind that the claims for refund of overpaid fees for 2017 must be filed no later than 31.12.2020, as long as there is 3-year limitation period.

The team of Velchev & Co. and our German partners can provide professional assistance with the refund of overpaid Toll fees.

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