Significant changes in remote work in Bulgaria has come into effect on 29.03.2024, following the adoption of amendments in the Labor Code. These changes include a number of new rules and conditions. The main changes are as follows:


  1. Possibility of more than one workplace:
    The employment contract may specify more than one workplace, and the employer may change the workplace for up to 30 working days per year upon a written request from the employee under certain conditions.


  1. Information system for work:
    When the assignment and recording of remote work is done through an information system, the employer must provide written information to the employee about the type and scope of the data related to the work that is collected, processed, and stored in the system.


  1. Algorithmic management:
    When using a system for algorithmic management (a system for making automated decisions in the assignment, recording, and control of work for employees) for remote work, the employer must provide the employee with written information on how decisions are made.


  1. Verification of decisions:
    Upon a written request from the employee, the employer or a designated person is required to verify the decision made by the algorithmic management system and inform the employee of the final decision.


  1. Information about the workplace:
    The employee working remotely must provide written information to the employer about the characteristics of the workplace.


  1. Health and safety conditions:
    The employer must ensure that the workplaces for remote work meet the minimum requirements for health and safety conditions at work.


  1. Notification in case of accident:
    The employee working remotely must immediately notify the employer, supervisor, or another authorized person in case of any accidents at the workplace.  


  1. Recording of working hours:
    The actual working hours can be recorded through an automated system for recording working hours, and the employer must provide access to the data in the system to the employee working remotely.


 The new changes in the Labor Code aim to facilitate and regulate the work of people who work remotely, while ensuring protection of their rights and safety. Employers must comply with the new requirements and provide the necessary conditions for remote work, following all rules and procedures set out in the legislation.

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